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Work day

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The view from my "office" in Ohrid

Today is a gorgeous 22-degree C (72-degree F), sunny day in Ohrid, Macedonia, and I’m spending my day working. There’s one other person at the hostel who’s holed up trying to meet a deadline, too, so that makes me feel a little better, but everyone else is off at the beach, on a boat or on a motorbike going to a mountain village.

“It’s so cool that you can work while you travel,” I hear all the time. Yes, it is. Except it’s not. I get it that if I weren’t working as a freelance writer and editor, I wouldn’t be able to travel, but finding a balance between travel and work isn’t getting any easier. You’d think after five months, I’d have it figured out by now.

My saving grace for today is that on my way in from my run early this morning, I staked out an ice cream shop about two blocks away that will serve as my afternoon break. And the view from my “office” on the balcony isn’t bad, either.

One Comment

  1. sounds like your are very busy at work, it must be nice to have a view like that to work in, and then to know that ice cream is two blocks away, I hope its good.

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