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Where I come from

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I called the unpaved portion of New Jersey "home" for a long time.

I never expected re-entry to the U.S. after a trip like mine to be easy. I came back just less than a month ago, and I was right. It hasn’t been all that hard, either, though.

I spent a week with my family on the East Coast–the longest period of time I spent there in 11 years.¬†From there, I made stops in four states visiting longtime friends and making new ones. When I came home, I wanted to keep it quiet, thinking I would surprise people with my arrival. Not so–my very treasured friends threw a surprise welcome-home party for my first weekend back. The surprise was definitely on me!

While I visited 10 countries and met hundreds of people taking amazing life adventures over the past six months, the three weeks I spent traveling the U.S. and coming home to see people I love was a highlight of my trip. There’s nothing like a reminder of where you come from to appreciate where you’ve been.

One Comment

  1. An amazing blog! I finally caught up, and I enjoy living vicariously through you. I’m super excited for your next adventure!

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