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We sound so cool.

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I’m not planning on becoming a Hare Krishna devotee …

“Working here makes us sound so cool,” was the actual quote from a fellow volunteer at the Hare Krishna temple in Spanish Fork, Utah. He was right.

Volunteers during my 16 days at the farm assumed titles of gardener, chef, llama trainer, llama veterinarian, llama tender, llama whisperer, llama shearer and peahen keeper, plus less-desirable titles, such as  llama undertaker, playground-sand distributor, dishwasher, pavilion sweeper and housekeeper.

At each stop, I try to work at a farm that has something new. I learned a few years ago that I love Utah, and when I came across this place, I thought, When am I ever going to get to live with Hare Krishnas and work with llamas again—and in Utah? Going there was an excellent decision: llamas, fair and fun work, great volunteers and devotees to spend time with, amazing surroundings to explore, daily yoga, yummy vegetarian food, and a glimpse of the Hare Krishna religion.

Yes, we sounded cool working there, but more than that, it was cool being there.

… but I am putting llamas on my future-farm wish list.

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  1. Uh oh, are you wearing a robe and handing out flowers now? If so, how do I sign up?! 🙂

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