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Twisted metal


A few fine hours in the sun were spent sorting through heaps of metal on the farm.

Life on a goat farm in France is not only about goat cheese and yogurt. It’s also about twisted heaps of metal, thank goodness.

I’m out here to learn about all sides of small-scale agriculture and sustainable farming, not just the food-production side. Lucky for the farmers I find, I’ve done hard farm work before, both on my own property and on others where I’ve worked.

I’ve spent the past few days helping with making yogurt and cheese, so when the farmers asked this morning if I could help sort through a junk pile and separate the metal from the rest, I was happy to exchange my commercial-kitchen-grade hairnet for thick work gloves. Today, it was time to get dirty (and to test out the tetanus shot I got before I left home).


  1. I kind of thought this post was going to be about really strange French heavy metal (music).

    Interesting stuff though.

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