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The downside to cat sitting


Taking a kitten in a carrier for a walk through Paris is a sure-fire way to attract attention. I now know this first-hand.

Things don’t always go as planned.

I am in Paris for a two-week house-sitting/garden-sitting/cat-sitting assignment. When it was offered to me through a friend of a friend, I was beside myself: two weeks with a place to live in Paris in July, and I get to grow my own food and live with cats! This kind of opportunity doesn’t happen to normal people, I am fully aware.

I love it here–the location, the house, the garden, the cats–oh, and Paris! But on Friday, the little kitten got sick. On Saturday, he wasn’t better. On Sunday, I was really worried about him.

Before you admonish me for not taking action with a sick cat on Friday, let me explain that I’ve had animals of some sort (cat, dog, horse) in my care for about 18 years. I’m a wait-and-see kind of person when it comes to sick animals, unless it’s an obvious emergency. A cat with a bit of diarrhea is not a reason to make an immediate vet call–I can’t imagine how much more money I’d have spent on vet calls in my life if that were the case. Of course, on Sunday, when he wasn’t any better, the options were to go to an emergency vet clinic or to wait it out a bit longer.

This morning, he was like a new cat. I’d call him 70%, whereas he was more like 40% on Sunday night. Given what we’d been through over the weekend (I won’t get into gross, stinky details), even though he’s feeling better, the kitten and I took a trip to the veterinarian today. She says he’ll be fine. Whether I will be fine after administering pills to the kitten twice per day for five days is another story.

House-/garden-/cat-sitting is great, and doing so in Paris is even better, even when a tiny kitten takes over my weekend. Some positive thoughts from anyone reading this for the kitten’s continued recovery are welcome!


  1. I’m great at pilling cats. Pick up my plane ticket and I’ll be there in a jiffy!

  2. I know this is late, but I feel your pain! I had to give my cat, Bella, an antibiotic and a steroid by syringe twice a day for about two weeks not too long ago. Not fun! I hope the little one got better!

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