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Report card for trip No. 1

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What was your favorite ______?
What’s the worst _______?
Which did you like better, ______?

These are the most common questions I hear now that I’m back from my first trip through Europe and Turkey. So here are the answers you seem to want most:

My rucksack and I hit the road on May 1, 2011.

General travel
Most expensive country: tie between England and France
Least expensive country: Macedonia
Favorite country: Turkey
Least-favorite country: Bulgaria
Most fun country: Macedonia
Most challenging country: Turkey
Coolest travel experience: Visiting the village in The Netherlands where my dad was born
Best kiss: Layla the camel in Turkey
Worst hostel: Ideal Pension in Fethiye, Turkey
Favorite beach: Butterfly Valley in Turkey
Favorite hike: Tampa Mountain in Brasov, Romania, in October, in the snow
Favorite language: French
Hardest language to learn: Turkish, but I surprised myself with how much I learned.

Six hours of concrete making yielded this lovely drainage channel on my farm in Bulgaria.

Best farm I worked on: It’s not possible to answer this because there are so many things to take into consideration. It’s a tie between the first three I visited (The Netherlands, Belgium and France).
Hardest farm job: Making concrete for six hours one day in Bulgaria
Favorite farm job: working with the horses in The Netherlands and Bulgaria
Most fun farm: second farm in Turkey

I loved the food in Turkey because everything was so fresh.

Country with the best food: Turkey
Country with the best beer: Belgium (duh)
Favorite beer: Possibly Ursus from Romania, but I only say that because it’s not possible to choose between the dozens of beers I tried in Belgium.
Favorite new food: This is really hard to answer, too. I guess it was kabak (zucchini) borek in Turkey.
Farm with the best food: tie between The Netherlands and Bulgaria
Hostel with the best breakfast: Stayokay Vondelpark in Amsterdam
Worst thing I ate: bitterballen in Arnhem, Netherlands
Worst thing I drank: raki in Turkey. And every time I passed on drinking it–which was often–I offended everyone in ear shot.
Food I missed the most while I traveled: peanut butter

The emblem from a VW bus we passed on trail was my reward for being FBI at the Istanbul H3.

Best hash kennel: Again, it’s not really possible to answer something like this. I did especially love the London, Paris and Brussels hashers.
Favorite hash: Fontainebleau H3, just outside Paris. It was more like an all-shiggy hiking/bouldering hash through the Fontainebleau National Forest than a running hash.

What other questions do you have? Maybe I’ll answer those in a blog post, too.


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  1. Sounds like I’ve got to get to Turkey then!

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