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More than I need for seven months of working on a farm!

More than I need for seven months of working on a farm!

After two years of long-term, independent travel under my belt, you’d think I’d have this packing thing pretty well nailed. Still, it never fails that the day before I leave, I rush around frantically, obsessing over what to leave and what to take. Today was no different.

Today’s packing didn’t involve the limitations of a 60-liter backpack and a faraway place like usual. I kind of think it would have been easier if those limitations were in place. Instead, I packed up my things to head off to a farm where I’ll live in a shared space for seven months.

I’m only moving a few hours away, so it’s not like I can’t come back and pick up something vital that I’ve left behind. Not to mention my friends have promised to visit. (You guys are visiting, yeah?)┬áHaving a whole car–albeit just a Prius–to fill leaves a lot of room to pack stuff I don’t actually need. I don’t think I did too bad a job with over-packing, though I know I have way more than necessary.

Bright and early tomorrow, I’ll be on the road!

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  1. Even after 7 years of practice I still run around like a possessed chicken the last few days. Don’t think getting ready to leave for an extended period gets simpler with practice.

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