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My morning commute


This is the steep hillside where we're working to clear brush.

On the Aegean Sea-side retreat where I’m staying in Turkey, part of my job is to spend a few hours in the morning helping to clear brush from the side of a hill to build a road. Getting to work requires about 10 minutes of hiking straight uphill. The view is worth it.

And this is what I get to see while I'm up there. My "commute" involves hiking up from the bottom.

When I get there, I have about three and a half hours’ worth of decently active physical labor in 31-degree-C (about 88 degrees F) blazing sunlight. The breeze that comes down from the mountain and up from the water is amazingly cooling. I’ll take this over an over-chilled fluorescent-lit office any day.


  1. The Aegean Sea is truly gorgeous. The bluest blue I’ve ever seen. Thanks for sharing – your morning commute is incredible!!

  2. That view beats the hell out of an office view any day! 🙂

  3. I am with bodies of water with nice views. I undoubtedly would have fallen in love with this view as well.

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