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Click now or forever hold your memory card

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This is one photo of the farm that I managed to not accidentally delete today. (The giant greenhouses in the back are on the farm next door.)

I made a shot list earlier this week for the photos I wanted to take before I left the farm in Sint-Katelijne-Waver, Belgium. Today was my last day–and it was miraculously sunny all afternoon–so I set off with camera in hand and extra battery in pocket.

I got photos of everything on my list in just about an hour; then I came inside and accidentally deleted about 100 of them. Sigh. I have 1,274 photos of this place, and of course the 100 that are now lost are the ones I want most.

Trip resolution: Make more time for photography during my farm stays, because it’s not like I can just plan to take photos “next time” I’m in Belgium.

One Comment

  1. You can take the card to places and have them recover deleted images, but it isn’t cheap. If you want to do that, don’t add/change anything else on the CF card — switch to another one!

    …and post a link where we can see some of these pictures that aren’t lost! 🙂

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