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Butterfly Valley perfection


Rather than bore you with a bunch of text about my day, let me just say that it was pretty much perfect, and then I’ll get on with the photos. My Australian friend Maree and I enjoyed an awesome day at Butterfly Valley, a beach along Turkey’s Mediterranean coast that you can only get to by boat or by a very difficult and apparently dangerous hike. I could spend a week here, just me and the water and the pebbly beach.

We took the boat to Butterfly Valley from Oludeniz, rather than taking the crazy hike down the sheer mountainside.

It's a good thing we went the boat route, because according to the sign, we couldn't have hiked down if we wanted to. I very nearly booked a room (in a treehouse!) in Faralya, at the top of Butterfly Valley. That would have been a sad waste.

Our taxi boat (closest to the camera) arrived at Butterfly Valley at the same time as a bunch of the day-long party-boat tours, which sucked.

After a few hours, the party boats (and people) left, and we pretty much had the beach to ourselves. It was glorious! We swam a bunch, and Maree's adventurous swimming side got me out of my shallow-area comfort zone. Getting out of the water was a chore because the beach was pebbly and difficult to walk on, and we both kept getting washed back into the water, which caused a laughing fit in which both of us could very well have drowned. 🙂

As if spending time swimming and laying around on the beach wasn't great enough, we hiked a bit, too. (I'm trying to not be bitter about the guy who was in our way on the hike up and then kept getting into my photos.)

The hike was along a flat, easy trail that led to a fun uphill bouldering section that led to a waterfall. We got to the waterfall, and I turned to Maree and said, "I don't mean to be a bitch, but is this it?" And it was. I guess during the wet season, it's quite a waterfall, but during the summertime, it's ... barely a waterfall at all.


This area of Turkey is known for butterflies. We saw just a few Jersey tiger butterflies near the waterfall on our hike. There are times that the valley is full of them.


I ended my day with a walk around the Fethiye marina and dinner directly from one of the fishing boats docked there. I ate possibly the best fish sandwich I've ever had (and it was only 5 lira!).

This cutie found me and my fish sandwich at the marina and decided to hang out until after I was done eating, just in case I might decide to share. I didn't, but he was happy to have some behind-the-ears scratching nonetheless.



  1. These are beautiful! I would have also been bitter about the dude who kept getting the picture, lol. Too bad you didn’t get to stay in the tree house, but it’s not like you’ve been short-changed on adventure.

  2. sounds like a perfect day,

  3. This looks like a beautiful place! I’m sure you’ll never forget it.

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