Lisa Munniksma

freelance writing, editing, farming, travel

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n. A self-employed person, especially a writer or artist, who is not employed continuously but hired to do specific assignments

n. (historical) A mercenary soldier or adventurer

I wear many hats as a freelancer, but I don’t identify as a mercenary. An adventurer, yes. Rather, please read on to learn about my freelance writing and editing, farming, and traveling.

I am a freelance writer and editor.

Writing has been part of my life for as long as I can remember, and from the moment I corrected the first errant comma with my red pen, a passion for editing was sparked. I have been professionally involved in writing, editing and media relations since 1996. I currently spend much of my writing and editing time working on pieces about food, farming, travel and hiking for magazines and websites. I also help small-business owners and organizations with their website copy, social media and marketing materials.

I used to be the editor of Hobby Farms magazine, and I was a founding editor of the now-shuttered Urban Farm magazine. It was the time spent behind these desks that taught me I didn’t just want to sit behind a desk for 50 or more hours per week—I wanted to be farming, cooking, eating and experiencing these things elsewhere, too.

I am a freelance farmer.

I live in Kentucky and work on a family run, diversified, organic farm. I also grow culinary and medicinal herbs. After traveling around the world and working short stints in more than 18 farm and food situations, I arrived back in Kentucky, excited to see the potential in a sustainable, local food economy here.

I am a freelance traveler.

There are the travelers who book the package resort vacations, take cruises and thrive on guided tours. I’m not that traveler. Since 2011, I’ve been entranced by long-term, independent travel. My adventures have taken me to work at a goat dairy in France, a bakery in Greece, a horse farm in The Netherlands, a community-supported-agriculture operation in Belgium, an eco-village in Turkey, a llama farm in Utah, and so many more places. I have hiked all over; cooked, eaten and imbibed with locals; and learned customs and languages I can never forget. My current love is Puerto Rico—La Isla del Encanto—where I’ve spent four months so far, but farther-flung places, as well as the call to farm right here in Kentucky, also await.


Check out this portfolio of some of my writing projects.